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In 2017, we expanded our “Continuity of Care” program in partnership with ProHealth’s Waukesha Family Practice Center. This program highlights the most important aspects of healthcare services, our relationship with the patients.

Your Well-Being Is Our Primary Mission

When you become a patient of Waukesha Free Clinic you become more than just a record, you become our priority! Our healthcare professionals are dedicated to establishing a personal relationship. This helps us understand your every need and support your health in the best possible way.

Communication is key!

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Continuity of Care Results

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal

“Qualitative data showed that positive, trusting relationships with clinicians, developed over time, aid recovery.”….. “Statistical models showed positive relationships between recovery-oriented patient-driven care and satisfaction with clinicians, medication satisfaction, and recovery. Relational continuity indirectly affected quality of life via satisfaction with clinicians; medication satisfaction was associated with fewer symptoms; fewer symptoms were associated with recovery and better quality of life.”

Journal of General Internal Medicine

“Self-reported continuity of care is strongly associated with higher patient satisfaction. This suggests that improving continuity of care may improve patient satisfaction with providers as well as with their health care organization.”

American Journal of Public Health

“People with diabetes who had either continuity of site or continuity of provider were more likely than those without a regular site or provider to have acceptable glycemic control.”

Waukesha Free Clinic Nurse Young Patient