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Homeless Outreach

Waukesha Free Clinic is a member agency of the Housing Action Coalition/Continuum of Care in Waukesha County. We have on staff a Registered Nurse acting in the capacity of Medical Case Manager to individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. As of January 2016, there were close 200 individuals homeless and living on the street, an 11% increase from 2015. Our services assist approximately 60+ individuals with medical care, patient health education, medications and referrals to gain housing, transportation, and food. 6% of those we serve are in shelter.


We work with community partners helping homeless individuals and families and those at risk of homelessness by providing medical care. As a member agency of the Housing Action Coalition/Continuum of Care, we partners with the following community partners.

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Health Issues

​Those experiencing homelessness are more likely to be diabetic and have chronic health issues (Hypertension, high cholesterol). Those sleeping rough have to deal with weather issues, enforcement issues involving police and “having to move on”, exposure to ticks and bug bites, loss of possessions, lack of hygiene facilities, food storage, etc. Those doubling up sleep on sofas, floors or any space available. They can compromise the stability of the “host” and force an eviction. Possessions left at someone else’s housing can disappear.  The situation many times is multiple people in cramped quarters, involves drinking, etc (which is also an issue when sleeping rough). Pneumonias and Upper Respiratory Infections are more prevalent in the winter, issues with bug bites, ticks and infections is an issue in summer.

Success Story

~ John R.

In 2017, Waukesha Free Clinic started working with John when he was in Siena House homeless shelter in Waukesha. John is a 54-year old male who has spent 25 years of his life managing book stores in the Milwaukee area. While in his 40s, he developed both cardiac and musculoskeletal problems. He also became diabetic. As a result of evolving health issues, John has had multiple back surgeries. This led to a multi-year unemployment scenario leading to unmanageable medical debt that were compounded by the loss of his job. John experienced severe depression due to the loss of his ability to work. He had been working in book stores since graduating college. Ultimately, John ended up homeless.

The Homeless Outreach program at Waukesha Free Clinic in partnership with Forest County Potawatomi Foundation outreaches and medically triages community members who are homeless or on the edge of homelessness. The program is administered by an experienced Registered Nurse (RN) Case Manager. At the juncture Waukesha Free Clinic intervened with compassionate care and assistance to John, the RN and John developed a plan. Together, they reviewed John’s medications, monitored his blood pressure and diabetes, and managed his multiple medical and mental health appointments.

When John had transferred to The Salvation Army Emergency, Waukesha Free Clinic continued to help John. In spring of 2017, John won his appeal for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). This has allowed John to afford housing, transportation and food. His medical status is stable. The depression is also under control. While in the shelters, he had volunteered at the Literacy Center. John’s goal is to continue “giving back”.

Waukesha Free Clinic is grateful for the generous support through the Forest County Potawatomi Foundation. Our missions align in helping low-income, vulnerable individuals and families overcome challenges.  It is a value to steer patients towards a healthier journey and a better tomorrow.